NFL preseason 2019: Three takeaways from first big night

August 9 2019 7:05 AM

Even if it is just preseason, there was plenty of NFL action on Thursday.

Players are looking to build momentum as the regular season approaches, and quite a few did just that.

Here are three takeaways from the first big night of the 2019 preseason: 


Jones looked ready to go from the start

The New York Giants received a lot of heat from their fans after they selected Daniel Jones out of Duke with the sixth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. But, he showed promise en route to his team's 31-22 win over the New York Jets in his preseason debut.

The Giants quarterback looked poised against the Jets and went five for five on passing attempts for 67 yards, ending his lone drive of the night with a touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone.

Do not put too much stock in his performance, because it is only his first preseason game. However, seeing him step in comfortably is definitely a plus for the Giants.

Eli Manning will still likely be the week one starter, though. He completed his only throw of the game for three yards.


Patriots still finding diamonds in the rough

The New England Patriots routed the Detroit Lions 31-3 and one undrafted rookie burst onto the national scene for the defending champions.

Jakobi Meyers is a quarterback-turned-wide receiver just like one of Tom Brady's all-time favourite targets — Julian Edelman. He made Thursday his coming out party.

The NC State product has already earned first team reps in camp and tallied six receptions for 69 yards and two touchdowns against Detroit.

Meyers could prove to be a valuable part of New England's receiving corps in the regular season now that Rob Gronkowski has retired. Meyers sat out the entire second half, so it appears like he could be high on the Patriots' depth chart.


Ravens looking to do more with Jackson

Lamar Jackson primarily made a name for himself as a runner during his dynamic rookie season, but he showcased his improved throwing touch down the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 29-0 victory.

The Baltimore Ravens' second-year signal caller completed four of his six throws for 59 yards and a touchdown and did not record a single carry.

It is evident that there is no need to risk Jackson taking unnecessary hits in the preseason, but he has clearly been working to become a more complete dual threat quarterback.

He should still get plenty of chances to get out in the open field and use his explosiveness in 2019, though.

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