Watson leads Texans to win in first career start

September 15 2017 6:23 AM

Deshaun Watson marked his first start for the Houston Texans with a 13-9 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in NFL.

Heisman trophy winner Watson was 15-for-24 passing for 125 yards against the Bengals, but more importantly, he was four for four for 46 yards and had two rushes for 53 yards including a 49-yard touchdown run on the Texans' lone touchdown drive.

The score put Houston ahead 10-3 before the half at Paul Brown Stadium on Thursday.

With the Texans up 10-9 with six minutes left in the game, the Clemson graduate led Houston on a 13-play, 66-yard drive that set up a field goal and gave his a 13-9 advantage they would never relinquish after losing their season opener to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Watson completed five-of-nine passes for 42 yards and added an 11-yard run on the drive that forced the Bengals to score a touchdown if they wanted to win the game. 

The Texans were down to three wide receivers and one tight end for their matchup with the Bengals.

With starting left tackle Duane Brown holding out for a new contract, Watson did not have the best help on the field. Despite that, he led Houston to a win on his 22nd birthday. 



A.J. Green had a great first half for the Bengals, which included this 50-yard catch in the first quarter.



"I just knew I had to make a play," Watson told NFL Network. "It was in the two-minute mode so my feet are always good in two-minute mode and I just seen a hole and tried to make something happen.

"I just worked through it. It was tough for me, had walk-throughs all week, really my first time working with the first, the ones, so I just kind of tried to get on the same page and to work through it and that's what we did."

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