Colts hire Reich after McDaniels saga

February 11 2018 11:57 PM

The Indianapolis Colts have hired Frank Reich as their new head coach, finally filling the vacancy after Josh McDaniels backed out.

McDaniels was announced as the Colts head coach last week only to then decide to remain with the New England Patriots as their offensive coordinator.

That left the Colts scrambling to find a replacement with the Scouting Combine and free agency on the horizon, but they appear to have landed on their feet by hiring Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Reich.

With Reich as OC the Eagles offense performed magnificently this past season, quarterback Carson Wentz blossoming into an MVP candidate, with backup Nick Foles then leading Philadelphia to a first Super Bowl title after Wentz suffered a torn ACL in December.

The Eagles won Super Bowl LII by shredding the Patriots' defense in a 41-33 win last Sunday.

"Frank has all the ingredients of a successful head coach: intelligence, innovation, character, organisational and leadership skills, and a commanding presence," Colts owner Jim Irsay said in a statement. 

"He also has a stellar reputation, and his myriad of life experiences and the people he has worked with make him the perfect fit for us and our fans. I feel extremely fortunate and could not be more excited for Colts nation and the future of our franchise."

Reich, 56, began his coaching career in Indianapolis when he served as an offensive coaching staff assistant for the Colts in 2008 before moving up to quarterbacks coach in 2009. 

After McDaniels decided not to take the Colts job, Indianapolis' general manager Chris Ballard declared that their rivalry with the Patriots was "back on".

With Reich now in place as their head coach, the Colts will hope he can help them replicate what the Eagles did to the Patriots when they face New England in Foxborough next season.

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