Grand slams, walk-off hits highlight Blue Jays and Red Sox wins

April 19 2018 8:08 AM

Curtis Granderson was already off to a great start this MLB season coming into the Toronto Blue Jays' matchup with the Kansas City Royals, but he had a grand old time in Wednesday's 15-5 rout.

The 37-year-old outfielder went two for four with two walks, three runs scored and a grand slam to help lead the Blue Jays to victory.

Granderson is batting .318 with two home runs and eight RBIs this season and is a huge reason why Toronto sit second in the American League (AL) East with a 12-5 record. 

As good as the day was for Granderson and the Blue Jays though, grand slams were a theme midweek.

Rafael Devers also hit a grand slam for the Boston Red Sox in their 9-0 demolition of the Los Angeles Angels.

More impressively for Boston, the Red Sox now have four grand slams for the season, having posted none in all of 2017.

Yoenis Cespedes also hit a grand slam in the New York Mets' 11-5 win over the Washington Nationals. 

While grand slams were prevalent throughout the day, walk-off hits were as well. Athletics first baseman Matt Olson singled in the 14th inning to give Oakland a 12-11 victory against the Chicago White Sox.

Then in the ninth inning, Detroit Tigers second baseman Dixon Machado homered to left to give his team a 6-5 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

Finally, after 16 innings in Puerto Rico, recently promoted infielder Ryan LaMarre hit a walk-off single to drive in Eddie Rosario as the Minnesota Twins trumped the Cleveland Indians 2-1.



Indians starter Carlos Carrasco threw seven innings of three-hit, no-run, seven-strikeout ball, but Twins hurler Jose Berrios was just as good as he tossed seven shutout innings with five strikeouts.



Neither starter in the White Sox-Athletics marathon made it out of the second inning. Chicago's Carson Fulmer got into the second but did not record an out as he gave up five hits and four runs. Athletics starter Andrew Triggs recorded an out in the second, but finished just 1.3 innings while allowing five hits and six runs.



Atlanta Braves centerfielder Ender Inciarte robbed Scott Kingery of a home run in a 7-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies. 

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