Astros win in 10, pad lead over hot Mariners

July 5 2018 7:59 AM

The Houston Astros gave themselves some breathing room with a win over the Texas Rangers in MLB on Wednesday.

There is a traditional baseball adage about how the team in first place on July 4 will go on to win their division.

In five of the six MLB division races, the first- and second-placed teams are separated by one and a half games or less. The Cleveland Indians, with an 11.5-game lead in the mediocre American League (AL) Central, will not be an exception to that old rule.

In the AL West, defending World Series champions the Astros have their hands full with the surprising Seattle Mariners. Evan Gattis' sacrifice fly in the 10th inning scored Jose Altuve to give the Astros a 5-4 win over the Rangers and a 1.5-game lead over Seattle, who lost 7-4 to the Angels.

Houston trailed 4-0 after three innings on the road in Arlington, but rallied for the win to go to 57-31. Outfielder Josh Reddick swung the big bat for the Astros, with three hits, including a homer, and a pair of RBIs.



Red Sox lefty Eduardo Rodriguez pitched six scoreless innings against the Nationals, striking out six, in a 3-0 win. He improved his record to 10-3.

Cubs third baseman David Bote hit his first career home run, leading his team-mates to some wild celebrations in a 5-2 win over the Tigers.


Rangers Nomar Mazara and Joey Gallo combined to go 0 for 10, struck out six times, and stranded nine runners in a loss to the Astros.



Keon Broxton is no stranger to stealing home runs, but the Brewers center fielder's leaping catch against Brian Dozier might be his best yet. It is the third home run he has taken away in the ninth inning since 2016; no other player has pulled off the feat more than once.


Boston Red Sox 3-0 Washington Nationals
New York Yankees 6-2 Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins 3-0 Tampa Bay Rays
Chicago Cubs 5-2 Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics 4-2 San Diego Padres
Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 Baltimore Orioles
Milwaukee Brewers 3-2 Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels 7-4 Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros 5-4 Texas Rangers
New York Mets 6-3 Toronto Blue Jays
Cincinnati Reds 7-4 Chicago White Sox
Colorado Rockies 1-0 San Francisco Giants
Los Angeles Dodgers 6-4 Pittsburgh Pirates
Cleveland Indians 3-2 Kansas City Royals
St Louis Cardinals 8-4 Arizona Diamondbacks



These two surprise contenders have long since proven they are for real this season, but they have their hands full in their respective division battles. This is a big series for both teams as they look to continue their momentum heading into the All-Star break.

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