Giants´ Odell Beckham Jr confident contract will ´work itself out´

August 5 2018 4:33 PM

New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr has expressed confidence that a new contract will be agreed.

The wide receiver, who opted not to holdout during training camp, reportedly opened discussions about a new contract with the Giants last week. 

Beckham is entering the final year of his rookie deal and is set to make $8.5million on the fifth-year option this season, though he could soon become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL before the season starts next month.

"Optimistic? Yeah. I'm optimistic," Beckham said, via ESPN. "I'm confident it will all work itself out. Life always does.

"Who doesn't want to get more money? Everybody does. Realistically, you try to be realistic with yourself. You see what happened over the offseason. Can't really worry about everybody else. Just let them figure it out, and whenever it happens it will happen."

Should a deal get done, the three-time Pro Bowl and two-time All-Pro selection will look to live up to the hype after missing the majority of last season with a broken ankle.

"I had been feeling [the ankle] as I was working out – it's kind of over the last month I've taken a huge stride," Beckham said. 

"I remember maybe two months ago it wasn't as smooth and I wasn't getting out of cuts. You kind of get that frustration and want to get back to where you were at. 

"But now that I'm here, it has been a lot of hard work put it. Lot of doctors, lot of treatment, lot of rehab, lot of pain that you've been in. It's nice to be here now."

Beckham, 25, posted three straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons from 2014 to 2016 before his 2017 campaign was cut short.

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