Indians top Red Sox in series opener

August 21 2018 8:21 AM

The Cleveland Indians trumped the high-flying Boston Red Sox 5-4 in MLB on Monday.

A game billed as a pitcher's duel ended up with both aces getting hit hard as Corey Kluber and Rick Porcello struggled at Fenway Park.

Cleveland's Kluber went 6.3 innings and yielded three earned runs. But he gave up nine hits and walked a batter to go along with his six strikeouts.

Red Sox pitcher Porcello began strong, pitching four scoreless innings, then gave up three homers and five earned runs in the next three innings before exiting.

Melky Cabrera, Michael Brantley and Greg Allen homered for the Indians.

There is a good chance Boston (88-38) and Cleveland (72-52) will meet in the postseason, and chances are even better that Kluber and Porcello will be sharper than they were on Monday.



Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Kendrys Morales hit two home runs and drove in four to inspire his team's 5-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

New York Mets right hander Zack Wheeler gave up only one earned run in seven innings and struck out 10 in a 2-1 extra-innings loss to the San Francisco Giants. Wheeler has been outstanding lately, with a 1.38 ERA in his last six starts.



Giants second baseman Joe Panik was hitless in six at-bats as San Francisco outlasted the Mets after 13 innings.

Bartolo Colon looked his age (45) against the Oakland Athletics, giving up seven earned runs and 10 hits in five innings in the Texas Rangers' 9-0 defeat.



Ender Inciarte made what turned out to be the game-winning play in the seventh inning when he cut down Adeiny Hechavarria at the plate to preserve the Atlanta Braves' 1-0 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.



Atlanta Braves 1-0 Pittsburgh Pirates
Toronto Blue Jays 5-3 Baltimore Orioles
Cleveland Indians 5-4 Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox 8-5 Minnesota Twins
San Francisco Giants 2-1 New York Mets
Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers 5-2 Cincinnati Reds
Oakland Athletics 9-0 Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners 7-4 Houston Astros
St Louis Cardinals 5-3 Los Angeles Dodgers



The Braves snapped their four-game losing streak by beating the Bucs on Monday, but they will have to keep it going to hold off the Phillies in the NL East. The Pirates are hanging on by a thread in the NL wildcard race.

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