Pistons loss ´one of my worst performances´, says Warriors coach Kerr

December 2 2018 3:36 PM

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is taking the blame for his team's poor form on the road this season, describing Saturday's defeat to Detroit Pistons as "one of my worst performances".

The NBA champions had star point guard Stephen Curry back from injury, but a 111-102 reverse in Detroit saw the Warriors fall to 4-7 in away games for the campaign.

Afterwards, Kerr stepped forward to take responsibility, insisting he must improve on his coaching in the early months of the season.

"I did not like our offense. I've got to do a better job," Kerr said, via USA Today. "This was probably a game that I could mark down as one of my worst performances as a coach, honestly.

"All in all, I've got to do a better job than I've done here the first couple months of the season. This has just got to get better. We've got to get better shots. We've got to get more spacing, get better flow."

Golden State have now lost six straight games on the road, which is unprecedented under Kerr, who was disappointed with some of the combinations he used.

"I'm just tired of seeing three people in the paint every time we are penetrating," he said. "The paint is so bunched up.

"I know we are top-heavy with our shooting. We've got obviously some of the great shooters in our starting lineup, but we've got a lot of guys that are coming off the bench or been in the lineup who are not three-point shooters or aren't shooting threes.

"So I've got to do a better job of finding combinations that work and find spacing that works. Because right now, what we're [seeing] is not working."

The Warriors (15-9) are sitting fourth in the Western Conference behind the Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder. They have a day off before facing the Atlanta Hawks (5-18) on the road on Monday.

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