Bears QB Trubisky expects to make return against Rams

December 5 2018 10:48 PM

Mitchell Trubisky is confident he will be back on the field in week 14 when the Chicago Bears take on the high-flying Los Angeles Rams.

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the second-year quarterback, as well as Bears coach Matt Nagy, expressed optimism that he could make his return on Sunday after missing the last two weeks with a shoulder injury.

Although Trubisky has high hopes about facing the Rams, he is aware of the need to show Nagy he is 100 per cent during workouts this week in order to earn his return.

"I do [expect to play this week]," Trubisky said. 

"I just have to show coach that I can play. I'm feeling good about where I'm at. As long as I can show them that I can go out there and do it and make all the throws and be the player that I know I am, I feel confident I'll be able to go.

"I feel really close, feel really close. Feel good. Hopefully, they will let me go because I feel I can. It's different than any other injury because it's my throwing shoulder.

"It's something that I'm going to need for the rest of my career, obviously. Anytime there's any pain, I'm just communicating that and being smart about it.

"My pain tolerance has gone up over the years, just being able to know what you can play through and know when you just need to pull back a little bit. 

"So it's being smart, communicating to the staff and all that, and just really not trying to be a superhero, because you don't want anything to linger the rest of this year, my career going forward."

Trubisky, 24, missed his first start dating back to week five of last season when he sat out the team's week 12 win over the Detroit Lions and week 13 loss to the New York Giants, games that saw Chase Daniel step in behind center.

He sustained the problem in week 11 towards the end of his side's win over divisional rivals the Minnesota Vikings. The Bears have been extremely cautious in handling the injury and Nagy added he still needs to see more from Trubisky at practice, even though he feels "strongly" he will be able to play.

"I feel good about it," Nagy said when asked about Trubisky's availability, via ESPN.

Trubisky has thrown for 2,469 yards and 20 touchdowns with nine interceptions this season.

Chicago (8-4) lead the NFC North going into their home match with the Rams, who at 11-1 have the NFL's best record.

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