Rockies prevail over Red Sox despite Sale´s 17 Ks

May 15 2019 7:54 AM

Chris Sale struck out a whopping 17 batters but the Boston Red Sox still lost 5-4 to the Colorado Rockies after extra innings.

Sale gave up just three hits and two earned runs in seven innings of work as the Red Sox looked to be closing in on their sixth MLB consecutive win. But, Colorado did not go down without a fight on Tuesday.

Nolan Arenado started the Rockies' comeback with a two-run homer in the seventh and they eventually went on to win in extras.

Charlie Blackmon also hit a two-run home run and Mark Reynolds delivered the go-ahead run in the 11th inning.

Despite the loss, World Series champions Boston — and more notably Sale — still impressed on the mound.

In Sale's previous start, the Red Sox became the first team with 22 strikeouts and no walks in a game.

This time around, they pushed their total to 24 Ks while Sale became the first pitcher in MLB history to strike out at least 17 batters in seven or fewer innings.


Vlad opens account for Blue Jays

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit his first MLB homer and became the youngest player in Toronto Blue Jays history to record a home run aged just 20 years, 59 old. He was 18 days younger than Danny Ainge, who held the previous record (20 years, 77 days old) since June 1979. Guerrero homered again to become the youngest American League player to do so twice in a game since Manny Machado in 2012 as the Blue Jays beat the San Francisco Giants 7-3.

Carlos Carrasco pitched seven scoreless innings in the Cleveland Indians' 9-0 rout of the Chicago White Sox.


Carpenter can't stop Astros

Ryan Carpenter struggled on the mound against the Houston Astros. The left-hander allowed nine hits and seven earned runs in four innings of work as the Detroit Tigers fell 11-4.


Ramos with the slam!

Wilson Ramos started the New York Mets' game in the best possible way — with a grand slam. New York went on to win 6-2 over the Washington Nationals.

Bryce Harper made a pair of impressive catches in the Philadelphia Phillies' 6-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.


Tuesday's results

Cleveland Indians 9-0 Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees-Baltimore Orioles (postponed)
Chicago Cubs 3-1 Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets 6-2 Washington Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers 6-1 Philadelphia Phillies
Tampa Bay Rays 4-0 Miami Marlins
Colorado Rockies 5-4 Boston Red Sox
Houston Astros 11-4 Detroit Tigers
St Louis Cardinals 14-3 Atlanta Braves
Minnesota Twins 4-3 Los Angeles Angels
Kansas City Royals 11-5 Texas Rangers
Pittsburgh Pirates 6-2 Arizona Diamondbacks
Toronto Blue Jays 7-3 San Francisco Giants
Seattle Mariners 4-3 Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Dodgers 6-3 San Diego Padres


Angels at Twins

The Angels are hoping to win the series in the rubber match on Wednesday. The Twins used early runs to win the second game. Los Angeles will try again with Trevor Cahill (2-3, 6.35) on the mound. Minnesota will counter with Jake Odorizzi (5-2, 2.32).

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