Antonio Brown released by Oakland Raiders

September 7 2019 6:06 PM

After a drama-filled 48 hours between the Raiders and disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown, Oakland have decided to move on two days before he was due to play his first NFL game for the team.

The team officially announced his release on Saturday, just hours after the star wideout asked to be let go on Instagram.

Brown shared a message that read: "You are gonna p*** a lot of people off when you start doing what's best for you."

In the same post, he added: "And that's fine! I have worked my whole life to prove that the system is blind to see talent like mines [sic]. Now that everyone sees it, they want me to conform to that same system that has failed me all those years.

"I'm not mad at anyone. I'm just asking for the freedom to prove them all wrong." Release me @raiders #NOMore #theyputblindersonahorseforareason #NoMoreFake."

Oakland soon confirmed they had parted company with Brown. The briefest of statements, released on Twitter and their official website, read: "The Raiders have released WR Antonio Brown from the team today."

According to ESPN, the Raiders fined Brown $215,073.53 on Friday for conduct detrimental to the team - following a reported row with GM Mike Mayock - and voided his guaranteed money.

Brown told ESPN that the Raiders took away more than $29million in guaranteed money from his contract, stating there's "no way I play after they took that and made my contract week to week."

He had also been fined nearly $54,000 earlier in the week for missing practice time and a walk-through, also considered to be conduct detrimental to the team.

Brown posted his displeasure with his first fine on Instagram while taking a shot at the Raiders. Shortly after, multiple reports indicated Oakland was considering suspending the wideout.

After 24 hours of speculation and uncertainty about his status with the Raiders, Brown apologised to the team on Friday and head coach Jon Gruden said the plan was for Brown to play in Week 1 against the Denver Broncos on Monday. 

That plan has changed rather quickly.

The Raiders gave up third and fifth-round 2019 draft picks to trade for Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers in March.

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