I´m chasing one thing right now - Lamar Jackson focusing on Super Bowl

December 2 2019 12:07 AM

Lamar Jackson led the Baltimore Ravens to 10-2 against the San Francisco 49ers and insisted his focus was still on reaching the Super Bowl rather than being named MVP.

Ravens quarterback Jackson looks to be leading the MVP race after an outstanding season, having thrown for 24 touchdowns and rushed for six more heading into Sunday's game.

The 49ers had some success in containing the dynamic 22-year-old, yet he still completed 14 of 23 passes for 105 yards and a touchdown, along with 16 carries for 101 yards and a rushing score.

Jackson also crucially secured a first down in the final moments for Justin Tucker to kick the field goal that clinched a 20-17 win.

Having maintained all season his main concern was not the MVP award, Jackson told FOX Sports: "If it comes, it comes. But I'm chasing one thing right now."

Describing his feelings after an eighth straight win, he added: "It meant a lot - not just to me but to my team-mates. We want to keep it going.

"We're 10-2 right now and we're chasing something right now. We've got to move on to next week to the [Buffalo] Bills and keep it going."

Jackson acknowledged he would have liked to have won the game himself, rather than relying on Tucker, but hailed the team's "GOAT" kicker.

"I'm on the sideline the whole time praying," he said. "This is why we call him the GOAT.

"We relied on him, it came down to him, which I didn't want it to. But it was a great team we played and I'm glad we've got Tuck on our side."

Niners star Richard Sherman explained the difficulty of facing Jackson as he said: "He's a good decision maker.

"He knows his angles, he knows his leverage. He knows when to get down, and he knows when to stay up. He knows when to cut back. He knows when to bounce outside. He knows when to keep it.

"He doesn't take more than what the defense will give him. He doesn't waste time taking shots or looking down the field when it's not there. He'll check it down and take what the defense gives him."

San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan maintained a positive outlook after his side's defeat, though, hoping they will be the opponents if Baltimore go all the way to the Super Bowl.

"I was really proud of the team," he said. "I thought they played extremely hard, all three phases, and we definitely played against a really good team.

"I was really happy with our guys and how they played. We had every chance to win that game but came up a little short there at the end.

"Give credit to them. Hopefully we can earn an opportunity to get the chance to play them some other time again."

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